Monday, 7 November 2011

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

Hahaha ... terjumpa video ni kat you tube, so paste kat sini sebab kelakar sangat, and they were sooooooo cute!!!

Antara part yang kelakar ialah ;

Dad : Last nite we had stay and eat up all your candies. r u guys okay with that?
Kid : Noooooooooooo!!!
Dad : Nelly, calm down Nelly.
Kid : Dad, u ugly!


Mom : Certainly I ate all the candy
Kid : what? (blur face)

This one, the last part, was more HILLARIOUS!

Mom : We eat all your candy, u have no more Halloween candy
Kid1 : What??? (start crying)
Kid2 : She ate it, what the HECK!
Kid1 : Mommm!
Mom : Dont you guys thinking you had enough candy last nite?
Kid2 : No, i only had one bite the candy, you serious? anything more to ask? oh, good for you Daddy, you're have getting belly ache. thats why you shouldnt eat someone's candy. Mom, that two.
Mom : Two what?
Kid1 : 2 plus 2 is ...
(kid2 whispering something to kid1)
Kid1 : 2 plus 2 is equals FIVEEEE!!
Kid2 : no, its4 ... but you were so close ... you see how much i have? i went to lot of houses
Mom : oh my, i eat it all, taste it so guys especially the peanut butter cups
Kid1 : you sneaky mommmmmmmmmmmm!!

Gosh, I really wish to have kids like them! Ehem ehem, encik Man, tunggu apa lagi??(mood gatal)
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