Sunday, 25 March 2012

What I Usually Bring During Outstation?

Simple title there.
Yes, what I usually bring when I outstation?
Erm .. not much, just the basic sanitary things.

Ini kalau tanya orang perempuan laa, kalau tanya orang lelaki, memang tak sama langsung.
I have a friend that would bring ANYTHING during outstation.
ANYTHING - lotion, scrub, mask, conditioner, big perfume bottle, etc.
But end up, not using all stuff, just the basic one.
Buat apa nak beratkan beg, lepas tu nak gendong lagi kalau outstation tak sampai seminggu kan?
But you know, itulah perempuan ;D

So, this are the stuff I usually bring during outstation ;

Toner, perfume (small or medium bottle), baby powder (I love baby powder), shower foam, deodorant (wajib .. huhuhu), shampoo (hotel didnt provide anti dandruff shampoo, so I need to bring my own), UV cream, and tooth brush & tooth paste.

And its compulsory for me not to left this thing.

Even most hotel provide the hair dryer, but I found that the hair dryer not so powerful ... I comfort using mine :)
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