Sunday, 22 September 2013

What Is Dining Etiquette?

Is it really important the things DO & DONT at dining table?

Kalau makan dekat McDonalds atau KFC memanglah tak penting kan, tapi kalau having dinner at formal place or require formal etiquette, so I can say, IT IS IMPORTANT.

So selama ni cara kita makan salah ke? Bukanlah salah, cuma kalau di majlis2 formal, we have to behave a lil bit, sesuai dengan level2 tetamu yang hadir. Tetamu yang hadir ke majlis2 formal biasanya bukanlah calang2 orang, VIP, VVIP, Dato, Datin. So if we behave macam kita makan dekat rumah, alamatnya ... duh ... orang akan kata kita takde 'table manners'.

So far I dont have any problem to follow these etiquette, tapi bab silent the cell phone tu a bit hard. Because the way I avoid listening to boring conversation or topics is, by keep busying with my cell phone ;D
Maybe lepas ni kena cari taktik lain macamana nak avoid bored people in front of you that talk rubbish. LOL!

Before that, jom tengok picture below. The arrangement of utensils and what are they use for?

Okay, lets check it out all the videos. Very useful tips.

Basic Dining Etiquette

Basic Dining Etiquette - Getting Seated

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Invitation

Basic Dining Etiquette - Table Taboos

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Napkin

Basic Dining Etiquette - Using Utensils

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Glass Ware

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Salad Course

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Bread and Condiments

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Main Course

Basic Dining Etiquette - Eating Difficult Foods

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Soup Course

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Dessert and Coffee

Basic Dining Etiquette - Using a Finger Bowl

Dining Etiquette - Tips for the Toast

Dining Etiquette For Beginners

Below picture pulak showing how we arrange the fork & spoon, and what its mean.. Normally I just put them in straight position on the plate, meaning I done and the waiter can take my plate. And never knew that to indicate that we yet to finish the course but just to want have a pause, the way we arrange the fork and spoon kena ada cara. Have you ever experienced that bila nak ambik another food, suddenly your plate was taken? Hahaha ... it is happened to me sometimes and saya nak marah pada waiter yang ambik pinggan saya. Never knew there is always many rules :)

Monday, 16 September 2013

10 Signs You Are A Cat Lady

"Kenapa cakap dengan kucing, takde kawan ke?" ("Why you talk to the kitty, dont you have a friend?")

Dang! I suddenly felt I was hit by a hard cover book with that kind of statement.
A statement that came from a non-lover cat.

Being a cat lover, I was a bit sensitive when hearing the statement.
But I tolerate, she is not a cat lover, she doesnt understand why we, the cat lover 'talk' to our kitty.

From that, I realized that I am a Cat Lady. Maybe not 100%, but at least still a Cat Lady to-be.

How do you think you are a Cat Lady?

1. You 'talk' to your cat.
Yes. Definitely you are a Cat Lady. When every time your cat 'meowing' you, you 'meowing' at he/she/them back. You understand what are they trying to say, and you assume your cat understand what are you trying to say. It is a 'mutual understanding'. Different sound of 'meowing' bring different meaning. Right?

2. You call your cat 'my kids'
When every time you talk to your friends or family or your boyfriend, you will say, "my kids today bla bla bla ...", "I love my kids", "I want to buy some milk for my kitty" and sort of that thing. Or you assume your cats "the kids". Instead of calling 'it', you call your kitty 'she' or 'he'. Your kitty is not a kitty.

3. You are sensitive person, especially towards your cat
If you are a girl / woman, you can easily cry, especially when it comes about your kitty. You dont like other people talking bad about your cat, or treat your cat badly. Your cat is your everything, besides your family, your friends or your boyfriend.

4. Normally, your boyfriend is a cat lover too.
It is hard to live with a person that did not like kitty. A non lover cat cannot tolerate much with any cat in the home, and maybe will feel irritate with the cat lover. In this case, I am excluded because Man loves kitty. He is a Cat Man. I mean, he really loves cat.

5. You dont mind diet a bit and save money to buy your kitty monthly food
Having kitty, especially in town city requires a bit cost. Either the cat food, the sand litter, the box litter, the grass, the toy, bring the kitty to Veterinar if sick, the vitamin and so on. If you have more than one kitty, it requires more cost. But you dont mind, you love kitty so much. So what is the problem? :)

6. Your Facebook, your Instagram and your blog full of your kitty pictures.
You obsess with you kitty. You capture every moments, every action, every angle of your kitty. While your kitty is sleeping, is eating, is playing, is napping, is biting. You capture and you upload on social media with caption and short story behind the pictures. Always ended the caption / story with "I love you kitty".

7. You miss your kitty when you are away
You non stop looking at your kitty pictures. You can't wait to return home to see and hug your kitty.

8. You include your kitty in almost all conversation
Either the conversation is with your family, your house mates, your friends, your colleagues or your boyfriend, you always say, "You know what, my kitty is bla bla bla","Hey, thats remind me of my kitties". You did not realize maybe people around you getting a bit bored about your kitty story, but you just dont even care. You love your kitty so much and kitty is your real best friend!

9. You dont mind sharing your stuff with your kitty
You live with kitty, you share your food together, you share you bed and your pillow, you share the bathroom, you share the couch, you share the chair, all the stuff in the house. You dont mind and you tolerate with them, well.

10. You spend your spare time by watching kitty videos, download cute kitty pictures and edit your kitty pictures.
You laptop, your handset full of kitty video, kitty pictures, kitty funny quotes and you interact more with kitty lover than other people.

Dont worry, you dont need any medicine, because you have your kitty to help you maintain you cheerful and good health ;D

Skin Food Review

I have been addicted to Skin Food lately.
Every time I bumped into Skin Food shop, I always seeking out their products that I would like to try in future.

What my friend and I love about Skin Food, beside the product range itself?

There is always, A LOT OF FREE GIFT!

Yes, the product in small packaging are free gift that my friend got when she first time bought Skin Food products. Cleanser and face mask samples ;D

This is not the first time I bought Skin Food product, but this time was above RM50. And the below picture is what I got as free gift ;D

I start with my most favorite first, Black Bean Nose Pack.
Ah, ya! make sure your nose is fully wet before patch this product, ok because it will give you 100% satisfy. And remove the patch after 10 - 15 minutes. Wash the residue left with water or toner.
And I will keep continue using this product until I find something better than this ;D
1 box contains 7 pieces of patch. I use once a week. Sooo worth it!

2. Apple Mango Soft Essence Wax (100 ml)
This product can last (based on daily use) around 6 months.
Rating : 3/5. I love it, especially the smell!

The Free Gift Review

1. Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser - review here
2. Rice Mask Wash Off - review here
3. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off - review here
additional : I started to LOVE this product. As everytime I use (after scrub the face), I feel a lot of different, my skin becomes more smooth.
4. Sparkling Pore Gift Set - review here
5. Water Berry Toner, Emulsion and Serum
Rating : 2/5. Just okay.
6. Gold Kiwi Sun Cleanser, Gold Kiwi Toner, Gold Kiwi Serum, Gold Kiwi Emulsion and Gold Kiwi Cream
Rating : 3/5. I love the cleanser! Recommended the cleanser range.
7. Salmon Brightening Eye Cream
Rating : 2/5. Just okay.
8. Black Egg Pore Gel Base & Black Egg Pore Primer
Rating : 3/5.
I love the Gel Base. I use this gel base after apply my day cream and before apply the foundation.
I am not very sure about the primer, but you can use it after day cream and before apply gel base. It gives kind of smooth feel. But when I try to apply the primer first, then only apply day cream, it gave my face look blushing and more smooth. But I do think that is not the correct way.

I look forward to try more products of Skin Food. Will review them soon.
Till then, happy reading ;D

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Toasty Cheese Macaroni

Hola! Am back.

Just yesterday, I had try  a new recipe that I found - Toasty Cheese Macaroni.
The recipe is just so simple, but require quite a lot of ingredients.
I took the recipe from here, thanks to Nurul Afzan Zaini for the nice recipe ;D


1 can of Prego Cheese & Herbs
Prego Pasta Sauce Traditional (Afzan use Prego Roasted Garlic & Parmesan)
Mozarella Cheese
Shitake Mushroom
Sausages (I use Ayamas Chicken Frankfurter Cheese)
Bay Leaves
Oregano Leaves
Macaroni (I use San Remo, penne type 500gm)
4 white onions
1 big red onion (chop)

Cost of budget : below RM100

Chop the onions into dice

Chop also the sausages and the shitake mushroom into slices

Prepare the Macaroni
1. Boil macaroni until it cook. Put some oil while boiling so that the macaroni will not sticky. I use half packet of macaroni for 2 - 3 person.

2. Toss the macaroni, put in caserol or 'loyang'. Put a layer of macaroni first.

Prepare the Cheese & Herb Gravy
1. Stir fry white onions and big onions with butter.
2. Put in sausages (I use 2 stick of sausages) and shitake mushroom that have been chopped and fry until crisp.

3. Later, put in 2 sheet of Bay leaves and a bit of Oregano leaves.
4. Put in 1 tin of Prego Cheese & Herb.
5. Stir all the ingredients until cook.
* add some water if the gravy too dry and remove the bay leaves after cook

Prepare the Tomato based Pasta Sauce
1. Crack and beat the egg.2. Add the Prego sauce (Traditional) into the egg. No need to be cooked.
* this is to make the macaroni stick together

Prepare to bake
1. Layer the macaroni first.

2. Then cover the macaroni with Tomato Based Pasta Sauce

3. The third layer, cover with Cheese & Herb Sauce.

4. Repeat the step Macaroni -> Pasta sauce -> Cheese & Herb Sauce
5. Lastly, topping the layers with Mozarella cheese.

Heat the oven to bake about 15 - 20 minutes, 180 degree. Make sure not to burn the cheese on top.

For next trial, I think I want to add some pineapple to reduce the cheesy taste.
Or you mad add tuna, depend on your tastes.

Happy try ;D

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