Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What I Missed During Outstation

This is KL Life.

Wake up early in the morning to avoid traffic. To avoid delay.

My morning weekdays routine : Listen to Pagi Rock Crew on Fly Fm and facing the traffic. Also this beautiful view.


Nothing much. Just a bored life surround with gossip girls and crazy people. But everyday I try to find my happiness - make the situation looks funny :D

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pancake House International

Outsation adalah sememangnya sangat penat.
Tapi boleh dipanggil time makan2 jugak sebab selalu diajak makan kat tempat yang sedap2 dan berbaloi.

Masa outstation di Ipoh hari tu, member2 sekerja ajak makan kat tempat yang belum pernah aku pergi, iaitu Pancake House International.

Pancake House mempunyai set makan tengahari yang menarik sebab setiap set ada percuma pancake mini!

Yummy ;D

Baru 3 kali pergi, so hanya berkesempatan cuba makanan ni ;

Best Taco in Town Set (Ice Lemon Tea + Pancake Mini) - RM15.90

Boleh tahan, sesuai untuk yang tak nak makan berat2 sangat. Tapi hari tu makan satu pun dah kenyang. Filling adalah sayur - sayuran. Kulit luar (maaf sebab guna bahasan makanan yang tak standard) adalah keras dan ianya sedap. Recommended ;D

Hamburger Steak Special Set (Ice Lemon Tea + Pancake Mini) = RM15.00

Boleh tahan laa ... sesuai untuk yang memang lapar giler waktu tengahari sebab burger ni agak tinggi.
Dihidangkan bersama salad dan hirisan kentang.

Untuk pencuci mulut, instead of pancake, aku pilih untuk makan waffle sebab aku memang suka waffles.
Lagi2 yang filling chocolate atau blueberry.
Atas waffle tu bukan ice cream, tapi krim. Sama macam mini pancake gak, atas tu adalah krim.
Harga waffles ni tak silap aku dalam RM10.50.

Cawangan Pancake House selain di AEON Ipoh Station 18, di KL terdapat di Pavillion, Midvalley, dan One Utama (sumber sahih). Manakala sumber tak berapa sahih pulak ada yang mengatakan cawangan Pancake House ada di Subang Parade dan di The Summit.

 Dekorasi dalam restoran

 Pandang ke luar restoran

Bagi aku, kalau nak makan dessert tu, oklah pergi tempat ni.
Untuk lunch, bolehlah cuba kalau nak kelainan ;D

Friday, 6 April 2012

My New Hair Regime

"Is your hair dry and 
needs nourishment 
and smoothness?

I saw this question on a branded shampoo travel package in Watsons.
I dont have this kind of problem, before.
Before I regularly use hair dryer.
Before I always using many kind of hair products and brands.

After almost a year, the problem now became more worst.
Actually, I plan to get advice from hair saloon expert.
But why not I try this brand first?
I have saw my sis in law using this brand for a long time, and she still stick with it.
Okay, then I decided to buy.

 I never saw this brand come with travel package set, so I think its worth to buy as a 1st trial.
What more exciting, as Watsons membership cardholder, I got unexpected discount!
Only RM3.

Ops! I remember I have bought Loreal hair mask before.
But not so working as I think I'm not using all the same product regime.
So here it is, the full package ;

Cost :

Travel pack (shampoo and conditioner, both 80ml) = RM8.90
Serum (150ML) = RM29.80
Mask (1 paket 15ml x 5) = about RM11 - RM12 I guess .. sorry, not so remember :(

Total cost = RM50.60

The travel pack so far, I have used for almost 1 week but still have more balance. 
So I guess it can last long for 2 weeks.
For the serum, I only use 2 pumps, twice a week so far, so it will take sooooooo long time to finish ;D
And for the mask, I love it when they pack into small packets (that's good for 1st trial). 1 box contains 5 packets while 1 packets can be used for twice. So it can be last for 5 - 10 weeks. That is more than 1 month.
Is it worth? ;D

I just started last Sunday. Here is my schedule routine ;

Sunday (01/04/2012) : Shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum at night.
Monday (02/04/2012) : No wash.
Tuesday (03/04/2012) : Shampoo at morning.
Wednesday (04/04/2012) : Shampoo at morning, shampoo again, conditioner, serum at night.
Thursday (05/04/2012) : My hair became a bit dry. Shampoo at morning.
Friday (06/04/2012) : Shampoo at morning.

It is only less than 1 week, so I can't see a big different yet. Will continue until the travel package finish ;D

Taken from

Recommended Regime :
Step 1 : Cleanse (Caring) - Shampoo
Step 2 :Nourish & Coat (Treat) - Conditioner
Step 3 : Nourish & Restore (Detangle) - Mask
Step 4 : Extra Protection (Special Care) - Serum


You can also refer here, and here.

What the Bitch is Cooking?

I am on leave today. So I manage to cook for lunch before out to PTPTN.
Here it is my simple recipe for those who is on diet.
I mean, for those who choose to eat less carb.

 Here what I have prepared ;

First thing need to do. I don't need to explain far more, right?

Adding some carb - 1 potato. Also, I love a bit spicy in my cooking, so black pepper is perfect choice.

Then, the veggie turn.

Ouch! Dont forget the main source of protein, chicken fillet. Fry them first to speed up the time of cooking.

I use this. Became my favorite since my housemate introduce this product to me.

What's next? Tear a piece of Cheesedale on the dish.

The cheese would melt in few minutes. I love to see the transformation ;D

 Typical Malaysian love chilli sauce. Adding some tomato sauce. I like the sourness.

Even you are bitch, it doesnt mean you dont have to tidy up the kitchen after cooking activity took place.  You still need to do that, and wash the dishes too.
Till then, enjoy ;D

1 tomato = 22 calories
5 bean sprout = about 13 calories
1 potato (small) = 108 calories
1 onion (medium size) = 6 calories
Chicken fillet (2 pieces) = 230 x 2 calories
1 slice of cheese = 70 calories

Result = My lunch dish have 679 calories. Woot! (Plus with cooking oil, black pepper and a pinch of salt become 700++ laa)

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