Saturday, 20 July 2013

Raya Collection 2013 from Jovian and Hatta

Jovian Mandagie dan Hatta Dolmat adalah antara 2 designer yang disebut2 semasa nak raya ni.
Actually these 2 amazing designers agak asing bagi aku, tapi bila ramai orang yang sebut2 nama mereka, so am dying to know them and their collection.

Semua collection Raya ni was taken from Rekaan dan design yang sangat simple, most of them using pastel colors, tapi sangat cantik (by Jovian) dan pantone colors by Hatta choice adalah warna2 bold dan trendy.

My choice from Jovian collection ;

Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Mandagie

Lisa Surihani

Lisa Surihani

Lisa Surihani

Jovian Mandagie

Jovian Femme

My choice from Hatta collection ;

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

2nd Day of Terawikh

Intro as usual. My favorite nasyid song during my secondary school.
"Buat baik berpada2, buat jahat jangan sekali,
                                   Hidup di dunia banyak pancaroba, mujahadah keranaNya"

2nd day of terawikh, 1st day of fasting in Ramadhan.
Nothing much, buzy as usual.
I miss Man so much. Wondering how was the fasting there in Penang.

It doesn't mean I never involved in love at distance before this, but away from Man for this year makes me suffer a bit. There is a time I really need him to be in front of me, but thanks to the technology that allow we to share photos and moments with our love one.

Man sekarang dah pandai ambik gambar using his canggih handphone and send his kitty pictures to me.

Hilangkan rasa rindu pada orang jauh dengan tengok gambar kucing masing2.
Walaupun kucing masing2 tu sebenarnya kucing orang, tapi buat macam kucing sendiri.
Lonely people need cat, I agree that.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

What I Use Currently?

1. Olay 7 Total Effects Cleanser and Night Cream

I have decided to use these range of products when am on the way to be 30 by next years. I have wrinkles? Urm ... not yet so obvious. Just to find skin products that can suit best to my face.
Rating for cleanser : 3/5 (ok laa...)
Price : Below RM40
Rating for night cream : I randomly use
Price : Below RM60

2. Loreal Nutri Gloss Light Conditioner Spray and Sunsilk Nourishing Soft & Smooth Spray 50ml

I use these products right after I use hair dryer. Not give much impact. Perfect for daily use.

Rating for Loreal : 2/5
Price : Below RM20
Rating for Sunsilk : 2.5/5
Price : Below RM10

3. Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Leave On, Loreal Ever Pure Moisture Leave In Conditioner & Sunsilk Silky Smooth & Manageable Leave On

Ah ... I love the range of Sunsilk Leave On, especially these 2 type. They are smooth, make my hair manageable and feel moisture. Packing in small bottle, they are perfect to bring in your handbag! Also very simple to use. Picit je, terus keluar ;D
Rating : 4/5
Price : Less than RM10
Rating for Loreal : 4.5/5
Price : within RM40 - RM60
I have to stress to smell of this product that makes me dying to buy even the price is a bit expensive. Even JK loves its smell! Perfectly to wear for the evening outing. Just finished one bottle, I can't resist to buy for 2nd bottle :) Worth for your money!

4. Ellips Capsule Hair Vitamin for Smooth & Shiny (yellow capsule) & for Hair Damaged (vivacious capsule)

I love Ellips capsule, for all the range but I love the smell of these two. Easy to carry in your handbag, light and  the price is below RM10. How to use? Picit kat atas tapak tangan, then rub it on you hair, simple ;D
Rating : 4/5
Price : Below RM10

5. Loreal Total Repair Shampoo, Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense Care Shampoo & Loreal Total Repair Treatment Mask

Just want to try the Loreal range of shampoo but unfortunately, these 2 didnt suit my hair. Range of price below RM20.

6. Loreal Studio Volum Max Amplifying Mouse

One of my favorite hair spray from Loreal. It makes my hair bouncing and manageable!
Rating : 4/5
Price : Below RM30

7. Lucido Smash Fixer Wax

Hurm ... only use twice if am not mistaken, then I use no more due to not suit to my hair.
Rating : 1.5/5
Price : Below RM20

8. Syampu Bawang, Syampu Clear for Women (Dry Scalp & Itch Control) & Sunsilk Leave on Straight Protection

These 2 kind of shampoo suit for dandruff hair.
Rating : 4/5 (depend on user)
Price : Below RM30
Sunsilk Leave On Straight Protection
Rating : 3/5
Price : Below RM10

9. Cyber Colors Cyber Snow SPF26 PA & Cyber Colors Instant Moisture Boost Sparkling Mask

Rating of these products : 5/5 (LOVE IT!!)
Price : Below RM80
I fall in love with these 2 products from Cyber Color. The compact pwder is just perfect, making my face looks natural and the sparkling mask giving you a different experience compare to other face mask. Highly recommended and you can grab them at SASA ;D

Turkey Fashion Trend : Bohemian & Hijabista

Bohemian in Emerald 

Hijabista in Emerald Green

Hijabista in Moroccon Color

More Bohemian in Turkish Style

My choice of Hijabista style

Disclaimer : all pictures from this entry were copied from

Turkey Color & Fashion Trend

Pantone Color Board 1

                                                                Pantone Color Board 2

                                                               Pantone Color Board 3

                                                                   Pantone Color Gold
My Choice : 1st and 3rd from right

My Choice : 1st and 2nd from left

My Choice : 2nd from right

My choice for Hijabista

Emerald Green for Hijabista

Emerald Green Pants
My Choice : 1st from right

My choice of Emerald Green for casual outfit

                                                                        Burgundy for Bride

My choice for Burgundy casual outfit

                                                               My favorite from Lolo Moda

                                           Casual Outfit for Emerald Green and Nature Color

Disclaimer : all pictures from this entry were copied from
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