Friday, 6 April 2012

My New Hair Regime

"Is your hair dry and 
needs nourishment 
and smoothness?

I saw this question on a branded shampoo travel package in Watsons.
I dont have this kind of problem, before.
Before I regularly use hair dryer.
Before I always using many kind of hair products and brands.

After almost a year, the problem now became more worst.
Actually, I plan to get advice from hair saloon expert.
But why not I try this brand first?
I have saw my sis in law using this brand for a long time, and she still stick with it.
Okay, then I decided to buy.

 I never saw this brand come with travel package set, so I think its worth to buy as a 1st trial.
What more exciting, as Watsons membership cardholder, I got unexpected discount!
Only RM3.

Ops! I remember I have bought Loreal hair mask before.
But not so working as I think I'm not using all the same product regime.
So here it is, the full package ;

Cost :

Travel pack (shampoo and conditioner, both 80ml) = RM8.90
Serum (150ML) = RM29.80
Mask (1 paket 15ml x 5) = about RM11 - RM12 I guess .. sorry, not so remember :(

Total cost = RM50.60

The travel pack so far, I have used for almost 1 week but still have more balance. 
So I guess it can last long for 2 weeks.
For the serum, I only use 2 pumps, twice a week so far, so it will take sooooooo long time to finish ;D
And for the mask, I love it when they pack into small packets (that's good for 1st trial). 1 box contains 5 packets while 1 packets can be used for twice. So it can be last for 5 - 10 weeks. That is more than 1 month.
Is it worth? ;D

I just started last Sunday. Here is my schedule routine ;

Sunday (01/04/2012) : Shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum at night.
Monday (02/04/2012) : No wash.
Tuesday (03/04/2012) : Shampoo at morning.
Wednesday (04/04/2012) : Shampoo at morning, shampoo again, conditioner, serum at night.
Thursday (05/04/2012) : My hair became a bit dry. Shampoo at morning.
Friday (06/04/2012) : Shampoo at morning.

It is only less than 1 week, so I can't see a big different yet. Will continue until the travel package finish ;D

Taken from

Recommended Regime :
Step 1 : Cleanse (Caring) - Shampoo
Step 2 :Nourish & Coat (Treat) - Conditioner
Step 3 : Nourish & Restore (Detangle) - Mask
Step 4 : Extra Protection (Special Care) - Serum


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