Friday, 6 April 2012

What the Bitch is Cooking?

I am on leave today. So I manage to cook for lunch before out to PTPTN.
Here it is my simple recipe for those who is on diet.
I mean, for those who choose to eat less carb.

 Here what I have prepared ;

First thing need to do. I don't need to explain far more, right?

Adding some carb - 1 potato. Also, I love a bit spicy in my cooking, so black pepper is perfect choice.

Then, the veggie turn.

Ouch! Dont forget the main source of protein, chicken fillet. Fry them first to speed up the time of cooking.

I use this. Became my favorite since my housemate introduce this product to me.

What's next? Tear a piece of Cheesedale on the dish.

The cheese would melt in few minutes. I love to see the transformation ;D

 Typical Malaysian love chilli sauce. Adding some tomato sauce. I like the sourness.

Even you are bitch, it doesnt mean you dont have to tidy up the kitchen after cooking activity took place.  You still need to do that, and wash the dishes too.
Till then, enjoy ;D

1 tomato = 22 calories
5 bean sprout = about 13 calories
1 potato (small) = 108 calories
1 onion (medium size) = 6 calories
Chicken fillet (2 pieces) = 230 x 2 calories
1 slice of cheese = 70 calories

Result = My lunch dish have 679 calories. Woot! (Plus with cooking oil, black pepper and a pinch of salt become 700++ laa)

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