Monday, 4 March 2013

Skin Food Range

I would like to make review about Skin Food Products that for the first time I have tried.

Actually, I accidently tried this products when one of my colleague want to buy these products, and luckily, she and me got few free gift because of purchase more than RM300!!

Owh, I didnt buy anything, but still got free gift. That is the best part! ;D

Here are the free gift I got ;

Clock wise ;

1. Chlorella Nose Clear Patch
Soooo perfect!! I love this nose patch, it works well to remove the black spot and also the white spot. Currently, I continue buy this nose patch after first try. The price for 1 piece is about RM2.50 (need to check the exact price again) and for 1 month stocks, I buy about 4 or 5 pieces. Rating : Recommended!!

2. Sparkling Pore Gift Set
Hurm ... contains toner and emulsion for oily skin. I just use the toner, and the emulsion still yet to finish. Rating : Hurm ... you can try if you want :)

3. White Grape Fresh Foundation & White Grape Fresh Base
These 2 are soo cool! First, use the WG Fresh Base (green color), then apply WG Freash Foundation. These 2 run smoothly on your skin before you apply compact powder and I must say I like these 2! Rating : Should give a try! ;D

4. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
If you want to try something different for you face mask, you can try these - black sugar on your face. Its a bit sticky, but once you rinse off, you will find your face feel smooth. Rating : You can try if you want something new :)

5. Rice Mask Wash Off
I remember "bedak sejuk" when using these mask. Feeling so traditional, but in modern way. Rating : Cool for people that like to use "traditional" product but in modern way :)

6. Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser
Hurm .. I like the natural smell of these cleanser, and it is soft for skin. Can have a try :)

My friend recommended ;

 Oat Meal Hand Mask

Shea Butter Foot Mask

She loves these 2 products, so soft for hand and foot. Also recommended for bride to be ;)
For more info, you can refer  here ;

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