Sunday, 3 March 2013

Best For Your Skin

On last January 2012, I decided to try this EPO after one of my friend recommended to me. She mentioned to me that her friend  has been taking these EPO for several years, and not to denied, her skin looks blushing and I can say - beautiful!

So I decided to buy the Kordel's EPO 1000gm per capsule and take 2 capsules per day. That is after lunch and after dinner. It cost RM80 for these 3 bottles! So worth it! It can last long for 1 year!

After about 10 months take the EPO, for the first time I receive compliment from a promoter. She said my skin looks blushing and asked if I do take any vitamins? I said I just take EPO. And I got another compliments after that, one my colleague said that my skin looks better now, and more blushing. Oh, I guess it is because EPO?

EPO actually is for women that having problem with period pain. But if you have no problem about period pain, the EPO will works for your skin or hair. If you want to see the effect, I do recommend you to take EPO for at least 6 months and above and must be, discipline. Just 2 capsules per day is enough.

I like to try something new. And now, I am taking this vitamins. It is also for skin, but more expensive! With promo package, its worth RM132 for 2 bottles. It can last for 2 months, with 1 tablet taken per day. I take this L-Glutathione Plus as for my wedding preparation. Yes, finally! ;D

Let see how these LGP works for me after 2 months straight!

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