Wednesday, 10 July 2013

2nd Day of Terawikh

Intro as usual. My favorite nasyid song during my secondary school.
"Buat baik berpada2, buat jahat jangan sekali,
                                   Hidup di dunia banyak pancaroba, mujahadah keranaNya"

2nd day of terawikh, 1st day of fasting in Ramadhan.
Nothing much, buzy as usual.
I miss Man so much. Wondering how was the fasting there in Penang.

It doesn't mean I never involved in love at distance before this, but away from Man for this year makes me suffer a bit. There is a time I really need him to be in front of me, but thanks to the technology that allow we to share photos and moments with our love one.

Man sekarang dah pandai ambik gambar using his canggih handphone and send his kitty pictures to me.

Hilangkan rasa rindu pada orang jauh dengan tengok gambar kucing masing2.
Walaupun kucing masing2 tu sebenarnya kucing orang, tapi buat macam kucing sendiri.
Lonely people need cat, I agree that.

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