Sunday, 28 September 2014

Where To Eat - Bubba Gump & TGI Friday

Dah lama tak update blog, maklumlah update ikut mood, kan.

Kali ni just nak buat a quick review pasal makanan dan tempat mana nak makan, and recommended for 2nd time dine in.

1. Bubba Gump
Located at The Curve, 1st floor dekat Food Street. Dishes berasaskan shrimp mostly, and memang sedappp sampai Man kata nak dine in lagi kat sini. Here are the food that we ordered that day.

 Never try Salmon eating with rice, but this one is soooo nice!

Nachos for appetizer, really tempting!!

Sorry I dont remember name of menus but all are recommended, especially the nachos. I would love to revisit again here!

2. TGI Friday

I had lunch here 2 times with my friends, and all dishes were ordered by them. Semua sedap2! Here are they:

 Recommended this one, soooooo tasty!!

 Cinnamon Cake

Very sweet, brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream on top, order 1 and share with all your friends because you cannot finish it by yourself!

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