Sunday, 23 June 2013

2013 Color Trend - Pastel

Lately, I found myself that I have nothing more to wear on!

Guy friends always irritating when we, girls say this, "Oh my ... I have nothing to wear!" and guys will reply, "Eh, dont you have many clothes in your wardrobe?"

To make guys understand with this situation is useless coz they will never understand. Sometimes, when I out of ideas what to put on, I prefer to mix & match my dress and will have a new look then. But yes, I still need new clothes!

So, as start, I google pictures for this year 2013 pantone colors.

Basic Pastel Color

Last 5 years, people never thought to wear pastel color jeans. The "usual" color is just - blue, black and white. Rarely people wear red or orange jeans, unless they are dare to be attracted.

But now, starting 2013, I can see the pastel color jeans is a trend! To match with suit color of shirt / dress is no more headache. These pantone color looks fresh, cheeky and very trendy. I start to like them!

Tender Shoots and Nectarine range

Neon Color looks fabulous!

Wax Yellow range
My Choice : No.2 from left side

Pink Lady range
My Choice : No.1 from right side

Linen range
My Choice : No.2 from right side

2013 Pastel / Spring Color Pantone

I have been to sport apparel shop yesterday, and found that these pastel colors applied to sports wear! This is really something new to me.

Grayed Jade and Linen

As for Muslimah, you can refer to these pantone pastel color. Thanks to for the picture :)

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