Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fashionista - How Do You Look?

Hi all!

I just finish reading Amber Chia's book. Eh, not because I want to be a model. I really like to know her journey to the success. Successful people always inspiring me, especially when they came from low income family.

Some of the quotes from Amber Chia that I love ;

"Sexy is okay. Nudity is not. There's a fine line between sexy and slutty."

"A stylist can make a decent-looking model look beautiful, but no one can make her professional, except for the model herself."

"Focus on being a very good model. Then aim to be a successful model."

"People are always curious about the reason behind my enduring career. I tell them it is thanks to the many failures I have had in the past."

The thing that I agree with Amber Chia is, the professional attitude that bring her where she is, now. You can find many tips and experience she share in this book. Useful even for those who do not have intention to be a model.

Enjoy below videos! ;D

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