Sunday, 23 June 2013

Attention To Single Female Driver!

I am a single female driver.
Living here in KL, I always take precaution to always BEWARE when I driving, especially when I am alone.

I think I need to list out the precaution that I always practise for these 5 years for single lady driver out there;

1. Always lock your door car when you want to go to the cashier at petrol pump. What will happened if you did not lock your car? Watch this video ;

And also, please lock your car while you pump in the air to car's tyre. I always heard that female drivers lost their car while doing this at petrol station.

2. Do not expose your handbag by put the handbag at passenger seat. You can either put on the car floor or under the seat. I understand some of you using the expensive handbag like Coach or LV, but remember, we as single lady driver always be the target of robbers. And never also put your handbag at the behind of seat, it is also exposing to be robbed. Some of ladies will put the handbag on the driver floor but maybe its a bit uncomfort, it will disturb you while driving. Maybe you can put on the car floor and cover the handbag so others didnt realize it.

No, no and big NO

3. If any cars suddenly follow you when you stop in front of your house, never, ever go out from the car until they drive away. I always have this kind of experience, maybe because I always drive alone. I will go out from my car when there is no people walk near to my car.

4. If other cars or other motorbike ask you to stop and out from your car, never do it. If they keep follow you, drive quickly to the places that have a lot of people, or the best place is nearest police station.

5. Always lock your car while you are driving. All the car door must be locked.

6. Always keep anything that can protect yourself in the car - maybe car lock that made from steel, or baseball stick and put them besides driver seat. You will need this, one day.

7. Spend more to your car for additional safety accessories - steering lock, gear lock or you can tinted your glass window to be more shaded and you can also change to toughened glass window. This is to avoid robbers easily hit your glass window.

Lastly, NEVER leave your car unlock, wherever you go.

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