Sunday, 22 December 2013

Beige and Gray Colors Matching

I just bought some shirts during Muji sales with a very low price.
How lucky I was!
So I have spent RM100 for all the shirts.

Now the problem is, how to match these basic colors with another colors?

Colors example - Beige and Gray

Beige color

Beige shirt match with white pants and mustard shawl

Beige and Dazzling Blue is also cool!

Beige skirt with white blouse

Beige pants with white blouse and blazer

Beige pants with white wool shirt

Beige skirt with red sweater. Awesome!

Gray range

Gray with pastel color

Gray blend with burgundy. Nice!

Gray blend with yellow

Mint, Green, Ivory & Gray

Disclaimer : All pictures were taken from

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