Saturday, 14 December 2013

Istanbul - I Will Come To You!

I dont know why, but Istanbul is always on my mind since last year.

It is like something call me to visit there.

I have told JK, I never went to oversea, even Singapore.
Because am not come from rich family, I realized that.

When I was a kid, there is an encyclopedia by MAS (Malaysian Arline System) that I read almost everyday. The encyclopedia is about travelling and all places around the world. It was really fun to see all the beautiful pictures.

I have made a passport, I think around this year, but still, the passport is empty.
I really wanted to go holiday out from Malaysia, but I feel guilty when I still have some debts that I need to settle.

My mission is to settle my debts, then only I will go for holiday. Istanbul is the first place came to my mind.

At the age almost near 3 series, I aim to visit Istanbul. I will come to you, one day.

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