Sunday, 15 December 2013

Big Bad Wolf 2013

Ah .. last year I missed this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY due to I didn't alert about this until one of my friend asking, "You didn't go to the Big Bad Wolf?"

I asking her back, "What is that?" with blur face.

This is it.

Taken from BBW page

So by this year, I did not miss it, instead, I went there for 2 TIMES.

So excited to see there is sooooo many books with CHEAP price. I felt like I was in heaven!

First round, I went with my friend. So crazy to see encyclopedia books sooo cheap! But need to set the budget, afraid will be over the limit.

I bought these books on the first round, and it cost below RM70!

Then found these attractive books too, but I didnt buy them.

Semek must love this. Lol!

After a week, then BBW posting something that attacked my heart!!

During first round I went there, I was complaining to my friend, I did not found any Harry Potter books. But BBW has revealed them after I came back. Thats why I went there for second round! (Plus, my Facebook friend asking me to buy some books for him)

So? What I bought for 2nd round?

That is so damn true! Lol!

Total cost this time only below RM50, while the Amphibious Warfare Vessels and Wall Street books, I bought for dearest JK (cost RM30).

And I just realized when I reached home, I left this book that I wanted to buy for JK. Argh! Must be on the cashier counter!! Its quite interesting, plus my FB friend also recommend this book. Dayyum!

See you next year! Sob .. sob ...

The Harry Potter book is the first book I seeking for. I cannot found it at first, then I ask the usher for help ;

Me : Hye, where is the Harry Potter books?
Usher : There, at Fantasy section. But only 2 left, you need to find them one by one.

WHAT?? One by one???

I came here for 2nd round also because my friend ask me to buy these books that quite interesting ;

The biggest book at BBW, I guess 

Total costing is below RM100.

These 2 section makes me feel I not have enough :(

Interesting books I found but didnt bought them due to over purchased ;

 I laughed when saw the title. Remind me of the bitch. Lol!

 Wanted to buy this book for JK, actually

Why I cannot find this book?

Taken from BBW page

By next year, I will be alert with BBW as never want to miss the golden opportunity. If my budget allow. Lol!

What I love about BBW? Of course the price, the environment, the facilities, and the books!

Till then, happy shopping by next year! ;D

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