Sunday, 5 October 2014

Skin Food Review 2

I started to love Skin Food since my first purchase around last year. Now, almost 1 year I became a loyal consumer of SK. The products suit me well from facial wash until body wash, I love them all.

Dan kalau beli banyak2 sekaligus, beside dapat cop on card, akan dapat sample kecik2 macam ni which is sangat suka sebab can try first before purchase the real one. Plus, bagus dan sangat berguna jugak bila nak pergi travel sebab less space to put in bag dan tak payah risau kalau terpecah ke atau terbocor.

 Hahaha...sorry sebab tak tau kenapa gambar ni jadi terbalik, but this is what I got when purchase SK products around early in this year.

 From top :
1) Peach Sake Pore Pact Compact Powder = Excellent (5/5) RM57.90
2) Fresh Apple Mask Sheet = So so (free gift)
3) Strawberry Black Sugar Mask = Amazing (3.5/5)
4) Hop Beer Shampoo = Not suit me :(
5) Black Bean Nose Patch = Excellent (5/5)

Left : Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off = Love it especially when apply on the face after keep it in the fridge (3/5)
Right : Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet = So so

 Skin Food never out of free sample :)

 Currently am using Gold Kiwi Toner, and its just so so for me. But I love Omija Whitening Emulsion! Rating  4/5. All the small boxes are free gift, contain toner and serum.

 From top ;

Aloe Vera BB Cream = Perfect! I love this BB cream! Even I rarely apply (only when need to do heavy makeup for special occasion), it gives a perfect shade after I apply makeup. Rating 5/5.
Others = Black Sugar Perfect First Serum, Watery Berry Toner & Serum, Gold Kiwi range & Omija Whitening range. All of these are samples and I get for free :)

 I bought Peach Sake Pore Serum to give it a try. I love its smell, so lovely. Rating 3/5

 Buckwheat Loose Powder, I love this one also. Perfecto for combination skin like me. 
Rating 4/5

 From left ;
Quince Whitening Sun Lotion SPF34 = Love it, can last long until 1 year (3.5/5)
Lime Curl Up Essence = Love the smell (3/5)
Egg White Patch Peel Off = So so
Fresh Apple Toner = Amazing! (4/5)
Egg White Pore Foam = Excellent! (5/5)
Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence = Excellent! (5/5)

I apply Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence right after hair routine weekly - Conditioner, Mask and Essence. Rambut jadi lembut keesokan harinya lepas apply all night . While Egg White Pore Foam sangat perfect untuk oily skin, memang puas hati after 1 week pakai.

Free gift that I got during new branch opening in Paradigm Mall, love them all!

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