Monday, 16 September 2013

10 Signs You Are A Cat Lady

"Kenapa cakap dengan kucing, takde kawan ke?" ("Why you talk to the kitty, dont you have a friend?")

Dang! I suddenly felt I was hit by a hard cover book with that kind of statement.
A statement that came from a non-lover cat.

Being a cat lover, I was a bit sensitive when hearing the statement.
But I tolerate, she is not a cat lover, she doesnt understand why we, the cat lover 'talk' to our kitty.

From that, I realized that I am a Cat Lady. Maybe not 100%, but at least still a Cat Lady to-be.

How do you think you are a Cat Lady?

1. You 'talk' to your cat.
Yes. Definitely you are a Cat Lady. When every time your cat 'meowing' you, you 'meowing' at he/she/them back. You understand what are they trying to say, and you assume your cat understand what are you trying to say. It is a 'mutual understanding'. Different sound of 'meowing' bring different meaning. Right?

2. You call your cat 'my kids'
When every time you talk to your friends or family or your boyfriend, you will say, "my kids today bla bla bla ...", "I love my kids", "I want to buy some milk for my kitty" and sort of that thing. Or you assume your cats "the kids". Instead of calling 'it', you call your kitty 'she' or 'he'. Your kitty is not a kitty.

3. You are sensitive person, especially towards your cat
If you are a girl / woman, you can easily cry, especially when it comes about your kitty. You dont like other people talking bad about your cat, or treat your cat badly. Your cat is your everything, besides your family, your friends or your boyfriend.

4. Normally, your boyfriend is a cat lover too.
It is hard to live with a person that did not like kitty. A non lover cat cannot tolerate much with any cat in the home, and maybe will feel irritate with the cat lover. In this case, I am excluded because Man loves kitty. He is a Cat Man. I mean, he really loves cat.

5. You dont mind diet a bit and save money to buy your kitty monthly food
Having kitty, especially in town city requires a bit cost. Either the cat food, the sand litter, the box litter, the grass, the toy, bring the kitty to Veterinar if sick, the vitamin and so on. If you have more than one kitty, it requires more cost. But you dont mind, you love kitty so much. So what is the problem? :)

6. Your Facebook, your Instagram and your blog full of your kitty pictures.
You obsess with you kitty. You capture every moments, every action, every angle of your kitty. While your kitty is sleeping, is eating, is playing, is napping, is biting. You capture and you upload on social media with caption and short story behind the pictures. Always ended the caption / story with "I love you kitty".

7. You miss your kitty when you are away
You non stop looking at your kitty pictures. You can't wait to return home to see and hug your kitty.

8. You include your kitty in almost all conversation
Either the conversation is with your family, your house mates, your friends, your colleagues or your boyfriend, you always say, "You know what, my kitty is bla bla bla","Hey, thats remind me of my kitties". You did not realize maybe people around you getting a bit bored about your kitty story, but you just dont even care. You love your kitty so much and kitty is your real best friend!

9. You dont mind sharing your stuff with your kitty
You live with kitty, you share your food together, you share you bed and your pillow, you share the bathroom, you share the couch, you share the chair, all the stuff in the house. You dont mind and you tolerate with them, well.

10. You spend your spare time by watching kitty videos, download cute kitty pictures and edit your kitty pictures.
You laptop, your handset full of kitty video, kitty pictures, kitty funny quotes and you interact more with kitty lover than other people.

Dont worry, you dont need any medicine, because you have your kitty to help you maintain you cheerful and good health ;D

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