Monday, 16 September 2013

Skin Food Review

I have been addicted to Skin Food lately.
Every time I bumped into Skin Food shop, I always seeking out their products that I would like to try in future.

What my friend and I love about Skin Food, beside the product range itself?

There is always, A LOT OF FREE GIFT!

Yes, the product in small packaging are free gift that my friend got when she first time bought Skin Food products. Cleanser and face mask samples ;D

This is not the first time I bought Skin Food product, but this time was above RM50. And the below picture is what I got as free gift ;D

I start with my most favorite first, Black Bean Nose Pack.
Ah, ya! make sure your nose is fully wet before patch this product, ok because it will give you 100% satisfy. And remove the patch after 10 - 15 minutes. Wash the residue left with water or toner.
And I will keep continue using this product until I find something better than this ;D
1 box contains 7 pieces of patch. I use once a week. Sooo worth it!

2. Apple Mango Soft Essence Wax (100 ml)
This product can last (based on daily use) around 6 months.
Rating : 3/5. I love it, especially the smell!

The Free Gift Review

1. Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser - review here
2. Rice Mask Wash Off - review here
3. Black Sugar Mask Wash Off - review here
additional : I started to LOVE this product. As everytime I use (after scrub the face), I feel a lot of different, my skin becomes more smooth.
4. Sparkling Pore Gift Set - review here
5. Water Berry Toner, Emulsion and Serum
Rating : 2/5. Just okay.
6. Gold Kiwi Sun Cleanser, Gold Kiwi Toner, Gold Kiwi Serum, Gold Kiwi Emulsion and Gold Kiwi Cream
Rating : 3/5. I love the cleanser! Recommended the cleanser range.
7. Salmon Brightening Eye Cream
Rating : 2/5. Just okay.
8. Black Egg Pore Gel Base & Black Egg Pore Primer
Rating : 3/5.
I love the Gel Base. I use this gel base after apply my day cream and before apply the foundation.
I am not very sure about the primer, but you can use it after day cream and before apply gel base. It gives kind of smooth feel. But when I try to apply the primer first, then only apply day cream, it gave my face look blushing and more smooth. But I do think that is not the correct way.

I look forward to try more products of Skin Food. Will review them soon.
Till then, happy reading ;D

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