Sunday, 22 September 2013

What Is Dining Etiquette?

Is it really important the things DO & DONT at dining table?

Kalau makan dekat McDonalds atau KFC memanglah tak penting kan, tapi kalau having dinner at formal place or require formal etiquette, so I can say, IT IS IMPORTANT.

So selama ni cara kita makan salah ke? Bukanlah salah, cuma kalau di majlis2 formal, we have to behave a lil bit, sesuai dengan level2 tetamu yang hadir. Tetamu yang hadir ke majlis2 formal biasanya bukanlah calang2 orang, VIP, VVIP, Dato, Datin. So if we behave macam kita makan dekat rumah, alamatnya ... duh ... orang akan kata kita takde 'table manners'.

So far I dont have any problem to follow these etiquette, tapi bab silent the cell phone tu a bit hard. Because the way I avoid listening to boring conversation or topics is, by keep busying with my cell phone ;D
Maybe lepas ni kena cari taktik lain macamana nak avoid bored people in front of you that talk rubbish. LOL!

Before that, jom tengok picture below. The arrangement of utensils and what are they use for?

Okay, lets check it out all the videos. Very useful tips.

Basic Dining Etiquette

Basic Dining Etiquette - Getting Seated

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Invitation

Basic Dining Etiquette - Table Taboos

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Napkin

Basic Dining Etiquette - Using Utensils

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Glass Ware

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Salad Course

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Bread and Condiments

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Main Course

Basic Dining Etiquette - Eating Difficult Foods

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Soup Course

Basic Dining Etiquette - The Dessert and Coffee

Basic Dining Etiquette - Using a Finger Bowl

Dining Etiquette - Tips for the Toast

Dining Etiquette For Beginners

Below picture pulak showing how we arrange the fork & spoon, and what its mean.. Normally I just put them in straight position on the plate, meaning I done and the waiter can take my plate. And never knew that to indicate that we yet to finish the course but just to want have a pause, the way we arrange the fork and spoon kena ada cara. Have you ever experienced that bila nak ambik another food, suddenly your plate was taken? Hahaha ... it is happened to me sometimes and saya nak marah pada waiter yang ambik pinggan saya. Never knew there is always many rules :)

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