Sunday, 8 September 2013

Toasty Cheese Macaroni

Hola! Am back.

Just yesterday, I had try  a new recipe that I found - Toasty Cheese Macaroni.
The recipe is just so simple, but require quite a lot of ingredients.
I took the recipe from here, thanks to Nurul Afzan Zaini for the nice recipe ;D


1 can of Prego Cheese & Herbs
Prego Pasta Sauce Traditional (Afzan use Prego Roasted Garlic & Parmesan)
Mozarella Cheese
Shitake Mushroom
Sausages (I use Ayamas Chicken Frankfurter Cheese)
Bay Leaves
Oregano Leaves
Macaroni (I use San Remo, penne type 500gm)
4 white onions
1 big red onion (chop)

Cost of budget : below RM100

Chop the onions into dice

Chop also the sausages and the shitake mushroom into slices

Prepare the Macaroni
1. Boil macaroni until it cook. Put some oil while boiling so that the macaroni will not sticky. I use half packet of macaroni for 2 - 3 person.

2. Toss the macaroni, put in caserol or 'loyang'. Put a layer of macaroni first.

Prepare the Cheese & Herb Gravy
1. Stir fry white onions and big onions with butter.
2. Put in sausages (I use 2 stick of sausages) and shitake mushroom that have been chopped and fry until crisp.

3. Later, put in 2 sheet of Bay leaves and a bit of Oregano leaves.
4. Put in 1 tin of Prego Cheese & Herb.
5. Stir all the ingredients until cook.
* add some water if the gravy too dry and remove the bay leaves after cook

Prepare the Tomato based Pasta Sauce
1. Crack and beat the egg.2. Add the Prego sauce (Traditional) into the egg. No need to be cooked.
* this is to make the macaroni stick together

Prepare to bake
1. Layer the macaroni first.

2. Then cover the macaroni with Tomato Based Pasta Sauce

3. The third layer, cover with Cheese & Herb Sauce.

4. Repeat the step Macaroni -> Pasta sauce -> Cheese & Herb Sauce
5. Lastly, topping the layers with Mozarella cheese.

Heat the oven to bake about 15 - 20 minutes, 180 degree. Make sure not to burn the cheese on top.

For next trial, I think I want to add some pineapple to reduce the cheesy taste.
Or you mad add tuna, depend on your tastes.

Happy try ;D

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  1. hahaha. this is some kind of pizza recipe.


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